Gadget Repair Services

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Tablets are known to be glitchy sometimes, especially when it comes to either its built-in WiFi module, its huge touchscreen or even its charging and USB ports. We will ensure that all of those are working like a clock!

Happy Customers

Ryan Banies

I never really thought about getting a tablet, until recently it turned out that my work will require me to get one. So when after a just mere month of usage it started to glitch (including its USB and charging ports) I was upset. Luckily companies like this one can fix it in under 2 hours!

Ted Christiansen

I love gadgets and if there’s a new one coming out, expect me to purchase it right away! But when I did buy a smartwatch, I did not expect its screen to be so…bendable and breakable! Thank God that guys at this repair service were able to replace it in just 2 days!